If your business has outgrown its current building, or you’re looking for a unique chance to upgrade, then why not consider finding a new warehouse space to rent? These types of buildings can offer much in the way of opportunity – and not just in terms of business expansion, either.

Taking a lease on a larger space opens up plenty of ways to work close to or even in the capital city itself. It brings with it more chances to promote, advertise and gain new customers too. 

A larger space makes so much sense if your business is a commercial enterprise looking for somewhere to: 

  • gain new premises for day-to-day work
  • store goods and equipment if your supply scale needs are on a bigger scale
  • have both office space and operations under one roof.

Unlock the door, walk around, and take a look at why finding a warehouse to rent could be ideal for your business.

Warehouses offer a unique rental opportunity

We’re rightly known for our expertise in railway arch rentals here at The Arch Company, but did you know we also offer warehouses to rent in London – as well as many other places around the UK?

A space like this is ideal for many expanding businesses. Here are just some of the reasons why.


A warehouse is roomier to rent than many other business venues. They can offer space for business expansion if that’s what you need, or a generally larger area so that it’s a more comfortable place to run your business from – especially if you require extra storage space to hold goods. 

Making sure there’s enough room to store all your essentials and that staff can move around safely is non-negotiable. Upgrading to a bigger space allows this. 

Private yard/outside space

Warehouses to rent in London will often have more in the way of outdoor space. A private yard can be a real advantage if you have outdoor equipment to store safely and securely or company vehicles to park on an everyday basis. This is particularly handy for large-scale supply chains – meaning industrial companies will use outdoor yard space as extra room to hold goods. 

Vehicular access

Room to park vehicles, whether they’re company vans, lorries or cars is something you’re more likely to have better access to if you’re finding warehouses to rent in London. 

Getting goods safely in and out of a warehouse requires there to be adequate space to park vehicles of all sizes. Larger commercial properties will have these and also offer parking for any customers and visitors to your site. Important if you want to welcome people to your site regularly.  The majority of The Arch Company’s industrial stock has roller shutters, so vehicles can access the unit directly. And they usually come with room for parking – often in the form of yard space.

Central location 

Warehouses to rent in central locations can really benefit business owners. For instance, spaces such as this one at Stewarts Lane have superb public transport links or access to major roads and highways, making them easy to find and do business with. 

If you choose a warehouse space to lease just outside the city, it means not only will you still be in a well-known location, but getting in and out of the city will be easier too. Also good if your company needs to be nearby, but doesn’t actually require a capital city address. 

Flexible lease opportunities

Some warehouse spaces come with flexible lease opportunities and we offer many different types of these rentals in London – as well as elsewhere in the country. So finding the perfect sport should be hassle-free. 

Larger commercial warehouses to rent

Our UK locations offer fantastic opportunities for business expansion and larger warehouse rental spaces will often benefit bigger commercial concerns. With all that in mind, if you’re looking for a larger space in London why not consider Battersea as an option? 

It’s connected to the main A3205 and A3220 roads in and out of central London and gives easy access to some other major towns in the city such as Clapham. Ideally located within reach of three different national rail stations and connected to the London Underground via the Northern Line. Battersea is also on well-placed bus routes – not to mention the Cycle Superhighway 8 – ideal for visitors getting in and out of the city to reach you. 

We currently have a warehouse space to rent in Battersea that would be ideal for larger industrial businesses looking to expand or branch out into a new area. With a large outdoor yard area at the front, it’s a special opportunity to lease in a sought-after part of London, with a huge amount of potential for business development. Plus you’d be supporting a thriving community in a popular area. 

Offered on a flexible lease, it’s a perfect chance to secure a property with masses of potential. 


Interested in one of our warehouses to rent? We’d love to hear from you, so give us a call and we can chat about your rental requirements.

Or if you’d like to find out more about any of our other commercial leasing opportunities throughout the UK, get in touch via our contact form

Here at The Arch Company, our purpose is making space where businesses like yours can thrive.