Our Tenants’ Charter, published in October 2019, set out our commitments to you. It was based on the feedback you provided during our tenant consultation.

We heard from and spoke to hundreds of you across the UK and we discussed the Charter with informed stakeholders, including tenants’ associations, the Federation of Small Businesses, and local authorities.

The Tenants’ Charter was based upon four key principles:

  1. Being an accessible and responsible landlord – Customer service is at the heart of our business. We have made it simpler for you to contact us and we are responding more quickly to your questions.
  2. Providing spaces that help your business thrive – We are investing in our properties to create the right environment for your arch businesses to succeed
  3. Working in partnership with you – We want to support diverse and independent businesses and we are working with you to develop rent and lease policies that support your needs
  4. Creating positive social and economic impact – We want to help your businesses grow and we want to work with you to make a genuine social and economic impact in your local communities.

You can read the detail behind these principles and learn more about our commitments to you in the full Tenants’ Charter document accessible below.

The Arch Company Tenants Charter

Tenants’ Charter One Year On

In December 2020, we published the Tenants’ Charter One Year On, which is an update on the original Tenants’ Charter. Alongside it we published an appendix, reporting on each of the 44 commitments made in 2019

Tenants Charter One Year On 

Tenants’ Charter One Year On Appendix 

Federation of Small Businesses National Chair Mike Cherry said:

“One year on from the launch of the Arch Company’s ‘Small Business Charter’, it has proven to be a huge success, despite the significant and very real financial problems faced by many over the course of this year.

“With profits in freefall, a collapse in footfall and businesses reliant on grants and loans, one of the biggest worries for small firms is usually the rent. But The Arch Company, through its charter, has managed to weather the Covid-storm in exemplary fashion. They worked with their tenants by offering rent holidays and payment deferrals and various other options which allowed businesses to survive and safeguard jobs.

“The Arch Company are a leading example of how to work with small businesses, engaging in a way that is beneficial to both sides. I hope many other landlords and businesses will use this model from the Arch Company to work on better landlord-tenant agreements which can have very real and positive outcomes if done in the right way.”