Are you looking for industrial space to rent in the UK? Here at The Arch Company, over 50% of our portfolio is industrial, so we’ve got plenty of options for your business to choose from!

Around two thirds of our rental spaces are in London, but we also have some fantastic properties all around the country, too. 

By moving to a prime location, close to the city centre, you’ll get the chance to improve your prospects in the following ways: 

  • increased ability to connect with other businesses and customers 
  • working in closer proximity to other relevant companies in your field 
  • within easy reach of good transport networks and public transport links. 

What’s not to love about all of that? 

If you’d like to know how to make light work of selecting a space to rent for your business, then step inside and view our guide to why an industrial railway arch may be perfect for you…

Why choose an industrial unit?

An industrial railway arch lends itself to a wealth of different business types and they’re versatile spaces that can accommodate lots of setups. So if you’re new to looking at industrial units to rent, a property like this might just be the thing for you. 

At The Arch Company, we’re experienced in matching units to companies and it’s worth bearing in mind some of the positive benefits of choosing one of our industrial units to rent. 

Suitable for a range of business sizes

Whether a small to medium or a larger corporation, our industrial railway arch units tick all the boxes when it comes to renting, thanks to the size options. 

They’re also an ideal opportunity for startups because of their flexibility and adaptability. 


As well as being right for a range of business types, they offer a good amount of useful square footage space that’s practical – whether that be for storage or for carrying out day-to-day manual work.

They can also provide more in the way of room if you’re expanding and taking on a significant workforce, or offer different ways of utilising your space to maximise productivity.  

Private vehicle access

If a major consideration for your company is ensuring there is enough parking space and private vehicle access for your workforce, and any visiting customers, then this is another reason why an industrial railway arch could be the thing for you and your team. 

Keeping company property safe and secure is essential and at the end of the day, knowing any vehicles that need to stay on site are locked up and properly secured is a win-win. Plus, our units often come with secure yard access.

Appealing central locations

Here at The Arch Company, we’re unique in offering large industrial units in central locations. For instance, we have rental spaces on Southwark Bridge Road in between Elephant Castle and Southwark. This means if you’re supplying companies located in central London or the City of London, you’re within easy reach of them.

Industrial units are key to business success

Deciding to take the plunge and look for an industrial unit to rent is a big step and can be a hugely positive one for the success of your business. Not only will you be getting a decent amount of space to ensure you can work safely and store everything you need to make your business run smoothly – you can also position yourself near other, similar businesses that operate within the same industry – or are connected to your field in some way. This makes it easier to build connections and forge new contacts – helping you to thrive. 

What about considering where you should look to rent a space like this? And where are the areas that are up and coming, and could provide a boost to your company? 

Well, think about a space that’s in a prime central location such as Battersea or Bermondsey Somewhere that provides really easy access to key areas by car, such as the city itself – a real boon if you’re going to be supplying other businesses in the city with goods and services.

Often, good quality industrial units in the central areas of London can be quite difficult to source, making The Arch Company ideally placed to offer this type of property to interested renters in the sector. 

Our industrial units are affordable and are a great opportunity to build an existing business or develop a startup in some of the most sought after locations in the country.


Like what we have to offer? We’d be delighted to discuss all aspects of industrial unit rental with you. Or, if you’d just like to chat about any of our other rental opportunities in London and elsewhere in the UK. 

Drop us a line using our contact form, or call 0800 830 840 to iron out the kind of rental requirements you have. 

Here at The Arch Company, our purpose is making space where businesses like yours can thrive.