Sustainable spaces for small and medium sized businesses : Our three year ESG plan 2023-2026

The Arch Company’s purpose is making space for businesses to thrive. We are retrofitters, not developers, and most of our spaces – many of which currently lie empty or derelict – are in the heart of urban communities.

In our three year ESG plan 2023-2026 we explain how we are planning on minimising our environmental footprint whilst maximising our positive economic and social impact.

Download the full ESG Plan below.

Low Carbon Spaces

We provide low carbon spaces for businesses by championing retrofit, identifying opportunities to cut further the embodied carbon levels of our redevelopments, and encouraging our customers to minimise their operational carbon use.

Energy Efficiency

We improve the energy efficiency of our portfolio, targeting EPC B on derelict arches that are brought back into use, and increasing customer awareness about sustainability.

Minimise Waste

We minimise waste to landfill by reducing construction waste, monitoring waste streams, and encouraging reduction of customer waste through the improved operation and design of common areas.

Customer Base

We celebrate our unique and diverse customer base, engaging with customers to promote their businesses, to reduce their carbon footprint, and to help them create healthy and happy communities around their places of work.

Providing Help

We provide help for those in need by offering vacant space for charities for free on a temporary basis and providing discounts to long-standing customers who might struggle with increases in market rent.

Diversity & Inclusion

We aim for industry-leading levels of diversity and inclusion by changing recruitment practices, promoting internal training and progression, and favouring suppliers who support opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds.