The Arch Company provides more inspiring commercial space for small and medium-sized businesses than anyone else in Britain.

We have over 5,000 properties of which more than half are converted railway arches. We work hard to create unique and vibrant spaces that inspire the creativity of business owners.

We are driven by our commitment to support great ideas for our spaces and communities, wherever they come from. Our portfolio is full of variety, from bakeries and restaurants to microbreweries and climbing walls.

What we do doesn’t stop with our tenants. We want the communities surrounding our estate to thrive too, by creating spaces to meet, eat, entertain or simply enjoy on a journey home.

Why rent from our estate?

Great choice for SMEs needing commercial space

The Arch Company is the largest provider of commercial business space for small to medium sized businesses in the UK offering a wide choice of properties in great locations, affordable rents, flexible terms and a supportive service across London and UK.

There are more than four million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. That’s over 95 per cent of all businesses, accounting for more than half the country’s employment and turnover.

Wide choice of commercial properties

We are dedicated to providing what SMEs need: customer service, flexibility and a diverse range of properties. We have railway arches, office units, shops, restaurants, leisure and light industrial units, ranging in size from 100 sq ft to over 100,000 sq ft – no other company can equal our range.

Additionally we are investing in new commercial property units, creating innovative, high quality business space, and redeveloping disused or run down properties.

Great locations

Most of our properties are related to our railway heritage, which means they are concentrated in the key urban centres, close to major transport hubs and close to the people and the markets.

Supportive service

As market leaders we understand the key property issues facing small businesses.

Our managers make regular visits to talk to our customers and we undertake regular research among our customer base of more than 6,000 businesses to monitor existing and emerging trends and help us tailor bespoke customer packages.

We want our customers to do well. After all, success breeds success. If they outgrow their first property we can offer larger premises.