The Arch Company moves to e-invoicing


The Arch Company has moved to e-invoicing, to make life easier for our customers and reduce our impact on the environment.

Historically, all demands and VAT receipts have been sent by post, with customers sometimes receiving multiple pieces of paper in multiple envelopes. The Arch Company estimates that the recent move to e-invoicing will save over 100,000 pieces of paper a year and make invoicing a simpler process for customers.

The transition to e-invoicing began at the start of 2022 and customers will have been contacted to validate their email address before they transition. If you haven’t received this email, please contact

Or, any customer who wants to continue receiving their Applications for Payment (Proforma), invoices and VAT receipts by post can do so by contacting

Most tenancies require customers to arrange their payment by direct debit. If you do not have your direct debit set up for any reason, please contact to do so.

Jon Ghaemian, Director of Finance of The Arch Company, said:

“We are taking steps to make life easier for our customers and we hope that the new e-invoicing system will do exactly that. It is something many of our customers have asked for and I hope this shows we are listening and responding to them.”

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the move to e-invoicing. If you have a question that is not included in the list below, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What will change as a result of moving to e-invoicing?

Applications for Payment (Proforma), Invoices and VAT receipts will be sent by email rather than by post.

Does it apply to VAT receipts or just invoices?

It applies to VAT receipts and invoices.

What email address do you hold for me?

If you want to check what email address we hold for you, please contact with your tenant reference number.

What if I want to continue receiving invoices by post?

Any customer who wants to continue receiving their invoices by post can do so by contacting