Ev is a restaurant run by Önder Sahan that offers an exceptional Anatolian Turkish dining experience.

Tell us about your business.

We aim to provide the best Anatolian Turkish cuisine available, using the best quality, freshest ingredients and we only use olive oil. Everything is cooked and prepared  freshly on the premises every day to traditional recipes.

What are you most proud of?

All our chefs are trained by me and they produce excellent, healthy food. We’re proud that people come back and tell their friends about us. ‘Ev’ means home in Turkish and we’re proud to create a welcoming environment.

Who are your customers?

People who live or work near Southwark – and their friends! We encourage our guests to tell other people if they’ve enjoyed coming to Ev. A lot of them write reviews online and TripAdvisor is full of positive feedback.

How long have you been at this location?

We began nearer Waterloo on The Cut in 1999 and have expanded into more than 15 restaurants. At Isabella Street, we have a deli/bar and restaurant and have been here since 2003.

What do you like about your Network Rail property?

I love the property – it’s a beautiful building, with high ceilings and beautiful brickwork. We’ve decorated the walls with lots of historic photographs from Istanbul, some of which are people from my family!

What’s the best thing about the area?

The people are so friendly around here and we are keen to stay. It’s not too touristy, despite the Old and Young Vic just around the corner. There’s lots of local residents and businesses and I love welcoming them as my guests.