Bringing the future to Jewell Street

Seyo is an IT systems innovation provider, bringing solutions to the distribution industry by linking robotic systems together. Located in a railway arch, the new letting secured by The Arch Company in June 2021 is in Elephant & Castle’s Jewell Street, bringing an exciting and forward-thinking business into the area. Passers-by might be surprised to discover a highly intelligent technology solution for the world of robotic fleets is being tested inside. 

Yassir and Quirino were the ones who chose the arch space on Jewell Street to build a test warehouse. They said, “We really liked that the arch offered us a blank canvas for our unique need. We opted for the space as it had space for us to create a model environment of a warehouse, to test our systems are working. Also, importantly for our robots is that the arch had a flat floor – something that was quite rare to find! The benefit of being located in Elephant & Castle too drew us in, as the central location means it’s easy for potential clients to visit us – which is impressive considering the type of space we needed.” 

Co-founded by Yassir Al-Refaie, Yanwen Chen and Quirino Zagarese, the team has designed a system that links the robotic network, whether it is 10 or 10,000 robots. In practical terms, this means integrating different robot systems so they can work together seamlessly – so warehouse tasks no longer need to be in isolation.  

With a key client already onboard, the ambition is to help companies increase their output – and reduce costs – thanks to the Seyo Management System. Yassir adds, “We want to democratise robotics – it’s not just Amazon that should be able to benefit from streamlining automation and using robotics systems. We hope to take away the expensive upfront costs that are present now, to make robotics more accessible to small companies. It’s exciting to think of the scope we have in supporting a growing sector of industry and we look forward to doing so from within our arch.” 

Arch 288 Jewell Street, London, SE5 0BU

The Arch Company, as part of its ongoing commitment to bring disused railway arches back into use, has already invested significant capital expenditure in several arches in Elephant & Castle. Those interested in lettings within the area can view available spaces here.