Our #LOVEYOURLOCALARCHES Photography Competition 2021, celebrated outstanding images of railway arches across the country.

The competition  celebrated images that showed the arches around us, and gave photographers whose work may not have been seen otherwise the chance to share their images. 

We received numerous entries of an impressive calibre – with photographs that were striking, well-crafted and of exceptional quality.  

Adam Dakin, Managing Director at The Arch Company said: “The railway arches represent some of the country’s finest Victorian heritage, but they are also home to thousands of quirky and independent small businesses, from breweries and bakeries, to mechanics and metalworks. With this photography competition we wanted to celebrate both the arches themselves, and what takes place inside them.” 


The overall winner, decided by the panel of judges, was awarded the title of ‘#LOVEYOURLOCALARCHES Photographer of the Year 2021’, and received a £1,000 cash prize. The winning entry will be featured on the front cover of Arch Life, Issue Three in January 2022. 

Jay Mason-Burns from Birmingham won with his image of Floodgate Street arches in Birmingham, a striking shot that celebrates the iconic network of railway arches.  

Mason-Burns said: “As a lifelong Brummie I love my city and feel proud to share it as part of The Arch Company’s #LOVEYOURLOCALARCHES competition. My shot of Floodgate Street and the row of arches in Birmingham pays homage to industrial heritage of these spaces. I love how there is still that thriving industrial presence, but today it also includes a cultural mix of arts and start-ups too. I really enjoyed taking part and as an amateur photographer, it is brilliant to have my work highlighted in a public forum.”  

Category winners each received a £400 cash prize and ‘#LOVEYOURLOCALARCHES Category Photographer Winner 2021‘. 

The 5 runners-up of each category went to a crowd vote on Instagram, and the winner of each category won a £100 cash prize.  

All winners were announced and featured across our official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Competition Categories: – 

  1. Unique Spaces 

An arch offers a unique setting for businesses. With the attractive exterior brickwork, interior arch structure, and physical locations it has to offer, focus on what makes the arches different using environmental portraiture to bring stories to life. 

  1. Capturing Movement 

Help the storytelling by adding a touch of movement, providing Lifestyle images that are less static and unexpected. A nice way to set the mood. 

  1. Industrial Heritage 

A nod to the history of the arches and their heritage, by bringing a modern twist to the historical spaces. It is important that the industrial heritage of the product is embraced as this is a huge part of what gives the spaces their character. 

Take inspiration from the rich brick colours of the arches, the textures and lighting of the many businesses that are in the spaces, and the forever evolving surrounding environments; for instance, the grass, concrete, and metals. 

Winning Entries

Unique Spaces

Winner: Edward Shipp won the award for their interior shot of London Beer Factory, Bermondsey

Runner-up: Edward Shipp also won the crowd vote with his of Plonk in London Fields

Runner-up: Mark Hunter won the vote with his picture of light trails outside Upside Down Presents in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Industrial Heritage

Winner: Edward Shipp won a second award for his shot of Scoresby Street, Bermondsey

Runner-up: And again Edward Shipp won the crowd vote with his shot of Druid Street.

All images will be available to view across The Arch Company’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts over the coming weeks.