The Arch Company reveals plans to bring 1,000 unused railway arches into use by 2030


Of the 5,200 rental spaces The Arch Company purchased from Network Rail in 2019, only 3,800 were occupied, with 1,400 vacant. Hundreds of these empty spaces were derelict and in need of significant investment before they could be occupied.

Project 1000 is our plan to invest £200 million to bring a thousand empty and derelict spaces into use by 2030. Our ambition is that Project 1000 will create space for 1,000 businesses, supporting approximately 5,000 jobs and adding to the estimated 25,000 people already employed in arch businesses.

The Project 1000 development programme spans England and Wales, including major works in London, Manchester, Windsor, and Leeds. Once these arches are fit for purpose, they will become new spaces within which businesses can thrive, bringing jobs and positive change to local communities.

Managing Director of The Arch Company, Adam Dakin, said:
Project 1000 is an exciting and ambitious programme that demonstrates our commitment to creating thriving environments for a diverse mix of small businesses and their communities. Our long-term investment will create space for 1,000 businesses and support approximately 5,000 jobs by the end of the decade.”

Tom Lewith, Founding Director of TDO Architects, based in a railway arch in Southwark, said:
“It’s great to see these spatially fascinating railway arches come back into use for new generations. As a tenant of The Arch Company and having designed a series of arch fit outs, we experienced first-hand the benefit of being in these spaces and welcome this development programme. The decision to continue updating arches will hopefully lead to many small businesses finding homes in locations they otherwise could not. I see The Arch Company’s commitment to improving the estate as a valuable and positive change and look forward to seeing the benefits this project brings to the surrounding communities.”

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