The Arch Company has set up a Coronavirus Support Unit to help you access the government’s financial support for businesses as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Cash grants and loans have been announced, and a job retention scheme, but will not become available for another few days or weeks. Our unit will help tenants access that financial support when it does.

In addition, following constructive dialogue in the last few days with stakeholder groups and hundreds of tenants, and further government announcements, we have clarified our support package for small businesses severely affected by Coronavirus. It includes the following possible assistance:

  • A three month rent free period for independent small businesses in the retail, hospitality, leisure and overseas travel sectors, as well as others severely affected
  • Three month rent deferrals
  • Switching from quarterly to monthly rental payments for the next six months and to apply deposits to the payment of rent, at a tenant’s request
  • Rent review negotiations to be postponed for six months at a tenant’s request
  • Tenants with leases expiring to be offered tenancies at will until the end of September
  • Suspension of bailiff actions and evictions due to non-payment of rent for the next three months
  • Deferrals considered on historic debts, including back rent

Please fill in the contact form on this page to see how the Coronavirus Support Unit can help your business, highlighting whether you are seeking support with your rent or help and guidance in accessing the support being made available by the Government or both. Someone from our Coronavirus Support Unit will get back to you.

Coronavirus Support Unit form

  • Do you have Business disruption insurance?

    Please confirm yes or no and if yes, that you have had confirmation from your insurer that you are covered for Covid-19

  • Notes
    1. Tenant reference number can be found on your invoice (see below) fill out separate lines if you have more than one reference number
    2. Tenant company name can be found on your lease document – again, fill out separate lines if you have leases under more than one company name
    3. Enter one property address per line in the form should you have more than one property with us
    4. We may need to contact you to discuss further details such as insurance cover
    5. All fields marked with * are mandatory
Example invoice showing Tenant Ref Number