Are you a small or medium sized business looking for commercial space that is good value, in a good location and offering good flexibility?

Find a home in one of over 5,000 railway arches owned by The Arch Company in cities across England and Wales. We provide commercial space for more SMEs in the UK than anyone else.

Good Value

Most of our spaces cost between £15,000 and £50,000 a year to rent. Why are they cheaper than the alternatives? They are typically small, between 1,000 square feet and 4,000 square feet, making them the perfect space for you to operate and grow your small or medium sized business.

Good Locations

Most of our arches are in cities and urban centres, with two thirds in London. They are highly accessible and often close to major transport links and residential communities who could be your customer base.

Good Flexibility

Railway arches can meet a wide range of business needs by offering flexible and open configurations and simple and secure construction. Our customers range from logistics and manufacturing businesses to cafes and gyms – with everything in between. And our typical leases are just six years in length, so you can reduce your risk exposure.

Our average customer pays approximately £30,000 a year to rent one of our spaces. Please check out our website to find a space that suits your business needs.