Arch Examinations

What is an Arch examination?  

Network Rail has to ensure that it maintains the safety of the operational railway. As part of this they need to examine the brickwork and structural integrity of the arches. Our Head Lease requires us to allow them to do this. 

Who carries it out?  

Network Rail carries out Arch examinations. However, you will have a dedicated Arch Co Delivery Manager to help support you throughout the process and be your key point of contact to discuss requirements and timings  

When does it happen?  

The date of each arch examination is determined by the previous examination date – it is usually scheduled to take place six, eight or 12 years after the previous one. We work closely with Network Rail to try and schedule these examinations when arches are unoccupied. However, there may still be occasions where this is not possible and they will need to examine your arch.  

What does it involve? 

The exam requires a detailed inspection of the arch brickworkTherefore, you may be required to remove your fitout, possessions and non-standard fixtures and fittings.  

How long does it take? 

In unlined arches (where the brickwork is exposed), it will typically take 1-3 days to examine the arch depending upon the amount of possessions, fixtures and fittings that remain in the arch. For fully lined arches (where the arch brickwork is not exposed), once the contents or equipment have been removed, it will take 3-4 weeks to remove the lining, examine the arch and re-install the lining. 

Will I get compensation 

Support will vary depending on your circumstancesTenants will not be charged rent during the examination period. For lined archesor for those arches where tenants have to temporarily stop tradingan additional 14 days rental compensation will be paid to help you with costs encountered as a result of the examination. The cost of your Business Rates/Business Improvement District Levy for the actual period of the examination will also be met.  

Haven’t you inspected my arch recently already? 

These examinations are different to the annual visual inspections that are conducted by the Arch company on an annual basis. These examinations require a more detailed examination of the arch.