Industrial property for rent in Lambeth

Are you looking for an industrial unit or workshop to rent in Lambeth?

We have a range of industrial units to rent in Vauxhall, Waterloo, Brixton, and neighbouring areas in Lambeth.

Our spaces are conveniently located near main transport links, with easy access to central London. They are good value and adaptable and can be used flexibly for a variety of activities or needs. Our industrial units are either newly or recently refurbished, and are suitable for many different business types, with our customers using their spaces for everything from cafes to microbreweries. We also have storage units available that are suitable for warehousing and general storage or business overflow.

Take a look at what we have available below, and get in touch with us today if you spot something that may be perfect for your business.

Things you need to know about renting an industrial unit in Lambeth
  • Convenient location
  • Wide range of unit types available for rent
  • Strong transport links
  • Diverse and growing business community

With swathes of Lambeth a stone’s throw away from Waterloo station, there are a variety of options for railway arches that make an ideal and affordable place to locate your workshop, warehouse, or small industrial unit. 

With its convenient and buzzy location, it’s ideally placed to become one of London’s next up-and-coming areas, presenting a great opportunity for those looking to relocate an existing business due to growth, expansion, or a change in circumstances.

From large warehouses for storage or operations in growing businesses needing some additional floor space to smaller units with more functional requirements or spaces that are fitted out for a specific purpose in the north of the borough, there’s a location that will suit your business. Lambeth offers a convenient location, with easy access to the centre of London and beyond, and simple access for your staff and clients. 

With a wide and diverse range of businesses coming and going in the area, there’s often an eclectic mix of industrial units available for rent in different sizes, locations, and specifications to suit a range of business types.

For those needing passing footfall, the units around South Bank are located in a bustling area of London, ideal for those with garages, health & beauty units, or cafes.

Whatever your budget or requirement, we have railway arches that are perfect for any business type. Our local specialists know the Lambeth area like the back of their hand, and will work with you to find the most suitable property for your specific requirements and budgets.

Lambeth transport options

Covering a large area of southeast of London just outside of central London, Lambeth is well connected by public transport options, wider rail network, and major roads.

From Waterloo station in the north of Lambeth, down to the outer reaches of Streatham, Lambeth is host to around a dozen tube stations, and a handful of overground stations connecting the area to the rest of London and beyond. There are a multitude of Santander Cycle stands, and a few Thames Clipper stations for easy access across the river. Driving from central London is also achievable over the Westminster or Lambeth bridges, with quick journey times from central London making getting in and out of the borough easy.

Average rush hour drive time from Central London: 15 minutes

Travel times via London Underground from Waterloo Station:

  • Leicester Square: 10-15 mins
  • King’s Cross: 25 mins

Nearby London Underground stations (among others)

  • Waterloo
  • Southwark
  • Lambeth North
  • Vauxhall
  • Oval
  • Nine Elms
Currently available Lambeth industrial units to rent
How much does it cost to lease an industrial unit in Lambeth?

The price you’ll pay for a workshop or light industrial unit in Lambeth can vary depending on the detail involved in the fitout, the intended usage of the premises, and most importantly, the location. For a rough estimate, expect to pay between £1,300 and £11,000 per month, or £15,000 and £130,00 per annum for an industrial arch space in Lambeth. 

If you’ve got a specific budget to work towards, speak to our local experts who can help you understand what’s achievable.

Our Lambeth industrial property specialists are here to help you secure your perfect space 

Our team on the ground has extensive local knowledge of the area, and are familiar with the most desirable and sought-after industrial units available in Lambeth. Having arranged hundreds of rentals in the area, they know the streets of Lambeth like the back of their hand, meaning they can take your requirements and find you the perfect industrial unit. If you’ve got questions about what would work best for your budget, or what type or size of space would work best for you, they’re on hand to help. Whether your preferred area is in Brixton, Vauxhall, or Waterloo, we’ll use our combined nous and on-the-ground experience to find you the perfect space for your budget.

Not sure about Lambeth?

Lambeth covers a large area of south London (approximately 10 sq miles), from Clapham Common in the west, to Camberwell and Herne Hill in the east. If you’ve seen some of the properties in Lambeth and decided it isn’t the perfect location for you, browse the neighbouring areas of Southwark, Camden, or Tower Hamlets where we have several other properties for rent.

If you’re still struggling to find what you want, our specialists would love to pass on their knowledge — get in touch today. 

Lambeth: FAQs
Is it easy to get parked in Lambeth?

As with many areas of London, finding parking can be a challenge, and Lambeth is no exception. Despite an abundance of on and off-street parking, expect spots to be snapped up before 9:00. Outside of the ULEV costs, Lambeth can be relatively inexpensive to park in compared to other areas of London, with prices starting at just 70p per hour. If you’re commuting to a Lambeth location, public transport might serve you better, although there are much more challenging places in London to be a driver. 

Many of our industrial units to rent in Lambeth have private yard space. Contact us to find out more about what is available.

What types of industrial units are available to let in Lambeth?

With several railway lines running through the area, there is an array of industrial units available in the borough of Lambeth. From smaller units at around 1000 sq ft suitable for smaller businesses looking for a space ready to use, to much larger (10,000 sq ft+) units spanning several sites for those looking for a more unique space, we’ve got you covered. Suitable for storage or light industrial usage, browse our listings above and get in touch if you don’t find what you need.

What’s it like commuting into Lambeth from other areas of London?

One of the main benefits of locating your business in London is excellent transport links, both from central London, and greater London. Journey times from the centre can be less than half an hour, even by car on a busy day, and access from both north and south of the river should be relatively straightforward. 

Is Lambeth well placed for the amenities I need to maintain a business?

Lambeth benefits from both a convenient central location, as well as a thriving business community which means you should have everything on your doorstep in the borough.

From partnerships like Lambeth First, which aims to increase inward investment to the area, to the Lambeth Business Desk, you’ll be joining nearly 11,000 other businesses that call the area home. Nearby Clapham is an area which still appeals to young professionals, meaning you can look to expand a local workforce when the time is right, too.

Why Choose The Arch Company?

We’re the UK’s largest small business landlord, facilitating the day-to-day operations of thousands of businesses across the UK. Our 5000+ railway arches are home to a diverse and passionate mix of business owners ranging from hairdressers to large scale industrial units, microbreweries, and so much more.

Basing your business in an archway is the perfect choice for many SMEs. Project 1000 is our plan to invest £200 million to bring one thousand empty or derelict spaces into use by 2030, creating communities of businesses and making the most of spaces which are otherwise unused. Choosing a railway arch in Lambeth for your business offers flexibility, prime locations, a close network of similar-minded business owners, and a unique space to launch or grow your business. Find out more about The Arch Company here.