The Arch Company reverts to “Standard Invoicing”

Following customer feedback, The Arch Company finance team has reviewed our invoicing processes. We have decided to change how our customers are invoiced for rent and other charges due under our lease agreement and revert to “Standard Invoicing”.

What does this mean for me?

Standard Invoicing means you will no longer receive Applications for Payment ahead of your payment due date, followed by (multiple) receipted VAT invoices which you currently receive once payment has processed.

Instead, you will receive one VAT invoice per billing period.

We heard your feedback that receiving multiple VAT receipts for each demand per payment was inconvenient and time-consuming for you.  We have taken your feedback seriously and have made this decision to simplify our invoicing process for both you and us. This will also reduce the volume of emails you receive from The Arch Company.

Do I need to do anything?

Please note that this change will not require any action from you.

What about payments I have already made?

Please note that any payments made against Application for Payments already generated, before this change, will still produce a VAT invoice for your records.

Who can I contact with any further questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact