The Arch Company is committed to being an accessible and responsible landlord, and is pleased to announce the creation of a new Customer Advisory Forum, Arch Talks and Customer Surveys to continue this commitment.

Our new Customer Service Initiatives

We want to better our customer service and as part of this, hear from you.

Arch Talks

Arch Talks is an opportunity for our customers to virtually “meet” our new CEO Craig McWilliam. Our customers will hear from Craig about our plans to better support your success, and our initiative such as Arch Day 2022’s match-funding scheme that will enable us to do so.

Arch Talks will be held as a virtual conference, via a broadcast teams call, with the option to submit questions for Craig to answer and address. As this is open to all of our customers, Craig will not be able to address specific questions about individual tenancies. The purpose is to discuss topics that impact the future of the arch community, such as sustainability and community outreach.

If you’d like to attend, please email:

Customer Advisory Forum

The Forum will be made up of 10-12 diverse customer representatives from across our portfolio. The group will pool together the experience of The Arch Company’s customers to independently provide ideas, advice and feedback. We recommend for anyone who opts to become a member to do so in the knowledge that this is very much an open dialogue opportunity, not a decision-making body.

By building a Forum for continual dialogue, we hope to be able to engage with a representative group of customers to solicit feedback, advice on product and service and development, seek customer input and receive ideas from those who have the most direct experience of The Arches estate.

Member requirements:

Being a member will require you to join no more than four meetings throughout the year (alternating between in person and online meetings). An executive from the Arch Company will attend every meeting, to ensure that the group becomes a means for customers to directly access senior staff at The Arch Company and contribute their expertise.

How to apply:

If you are interested in becoming a representative, please fill out this short Expression of Interest Form.

Please complete this by 30th April 2022.

Who is moderating?

We have asked an independent team of specialists from Public First to help us with the recruitment process and act as secretariat for the Forum. Once you’ve submitted your Expression of Interest Form they will be in touch to discuss your application further.

For any other questions, please email:

Customer Surveys

As part of our commitment to improving customer service, we will issue quarterly customer surveys to collect data and understand how best we can improve. These will fall shorty after the Arch Talks, in May 2022. There is an option to answer these anonymously, if you wish to do so.

For any other questions, please email: