Under the Arches | Otter Chaos


We spoke to Seamus from Otter Chaos in Brixton, a customer who recently moved into their Arch!

Tell us about yourself and your business.

I would describe myself as a lover of games, from Dixit through to Kabaddi. I always tell people that I needed somewhere to put my personal collection of boardgames and an excuse to buy more. Now my amazing partners and I are at over 500 boardgames and we am going to have to be creative with where we store the next 100 to come! My favourite thing about Otter Chaos is the personal side to it. We will listen to the games you enjoy, give you tailored recommendations and then sit down and teach you the games (If we aren’t too busy we will also stay and play them with you!). Through this we have made many friends who now just come to hang out with us, and of course, to have our amazing cocktails and pizza.

Why did you chose a railway arch?

We went for the arches as they had a great community feel. Everyone in the arches around us were very helpful with questions we had and we are now good friends.

Why was a railway arch best for you?

The arches are in a wonderful location in the heart of Brixton!


What is your favourite board game?

As the owner of a boardgame cafe I get asked all the time what my favourite boardgame is and it is such a difficult question! However, numbers don’t lie and my most played game would probably be Wingspan. That being said, you wouldn’t catch me saying no to a game of Machi koro, Sky team or Quoridor. We also have a beautiful chess table and I am no Grand Master, but anyone is welcome to come in and challenge me to a game.