Pedal power in London Bridge as eBike and cargo bikes move into railway arches


With the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place in a few days, Southwark in London is welcoming a host of sustainably-led eBike businesses. The influx of eco-friendly pedal powered delivery and distribution companies moving into London Bridge has been encouraged by The Arch Company with a flurry of eBike customers taking rental space within our network of railway arches.  

The benefits of pedal power includes improved air quality, fewer vehicles of the road, and less congestion and traffic noise. London Bridge’s new bike hub is already providing zero-carbon delivery solutions for businesses and green transport options for consumers. The neighbourhood is perfectly suited for this environmentally driven trend, as it offers easy access to central London, whilst being a gateway for South London too.  

Sandy Yau, Lettings Manager at The Arch Company says: “Being smart about the way we move around urban areas is crucial to the future, with e-bikes and cargo bikes a great solution. I hope to see more of these companies move into our spaces, and we have plenty of brilliantly located options to meet their diverse array of needs”. 

Fully Charged is one of the most notable new eBike and eCargo businesses in the area. As part of The Arch Company’s Hardship Fund (offering £10 million of Covid-19 support to small businesses) Fully Charged were able to confirm a three-month rent-free period during the pandemic. This helped the brand to stay on track with expanding their portfolio and in 2021, open the UK’s largest eCargo showroom, in their second home on Holyrood Street.  

Team Fully Charged credits The Arch Company’s unique spaces for providing the perfect solution to their needs: “Our new 10,000 sq/ft service centre is not only within walking distance from our showroom on Crucifix Lane, but one that we can grow into as a business by facilitating the continuing demand set on by Covid-19 and the eBike boom. It’s practical, it’s desirable and it’s flexible; it suits our needs for our versatile network of riders.” 

Team London Bridge has been active in promoting the area too via their Bikes for Business scheme. The ambition is that by October 2022, 1,300 businesses around the Low Line will be linked to the scheme, with 30% changing deliveries from polluting vehicles to cargo bikes. Jack Skillen from Team London Bridge comments: “Cargo bikes are not only a fantastically cheap way to transport people and goods around the capital but have such a positive impact on the environment and the public. We continue to highlight the amazing benefits these bikes can bring to the communities they serve.” 

Another new example is bike courier service Pedal Me who moved into an arch at 52 Ewer Street. The innovative business set up shop following significant investment from The Arch Company, who transformed the previously unloved arch and created a new space fit for purpose. Pedal Me offers bike courier services for both people and packages and is revolutionising the way Londoners and goods are moving across the city, in a cleaner, greener way. 

A third business joining the neighbourhood is Freddie’s Flowers, a florist delivery service at Unit 21 Old Jamaica Road. Offering carbon neutral flowers to customer’s doorsteps each week, the company has grown significantly and is doing so in an environmentally considered way. Freddie’s Flowers have actually sourced their bikes from Fully Charged, strengthening the railway arch community. 

The Arch Company believes that their spaces are ideally located for these businesses. Tied to the railway network, arches are often at the heart of transport hubs, and offer diverse spaces much more centrally located compared to the typical showroom or distribution centre. Utilising arches as infill for delivery businesses – and swapping vehicles for bicycles – allows customers to still receive their products swiftly, in a more sustainable way. The footfall from nearby London Bridge station, and surrounding offices and residential areas, means that consumers wanting to commute by bike can do so with these readily available businesses on hand to help. 

For businesses looking for rental space in London Bridge and beyond, please visit  

Local businesses wanting to get advice and subsidies for switching to cargo bikes can email Bikes for Business at Bikes for Business is funded by Impact on Urban Health.