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Pollen and Grace feed NHS with help from The Arch Company's rent holiday

From actively considering closing down for three months, Pollen and Grace were able to feed staff at 30 London hospitals and GP practices with 4,500 free meals, thanks to The Arch Company's rent relief package, and a government loan.

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The Arch Company to continue COVID-19 financial support

Many of our tenants’ lives and livelihoods have been severely impacted by COVID-19. As lockdown restrictions start to ease, some businesses, particularly those that are not allowed to open, will continue to require support. For the next three months, The Arch Company will build on the approach we took in the last quarter, providing financial support to independent small businesses most severely affected.

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Tenant's 'Stay at Home’ lager raises funds for the NHS

Within two weeks of the lockdown, Forest Road Brewing Co. devised its own unique way to support the NHS – the ‘stay at home’ lager, with £1 donated for every bottle sold.

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