Lockdown: One year on


Friday 26 March marks one year on from the date that Coronavirus lockdown measures legally came into force and many of our tenants were forced to shut their doors. We know that the past 12 months have been incredibly tough for many of them.

As we look ahead to the lifting of lockdown restrictions and a return to some form of normality, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the amazing work that our tenant community has done over the last year.

Adam Dakin, managing director of The Arch Company, said: “Our tenants have shown incredible resilience in the face of adversity over the past 12 months. The on-again, off-again lockdown meant many have had to shut their doors completely for long periods of time and has caused uncertainty for many others. In response, our tenant community have innovated, showing true entrepreneurial spirit to pivot their businesses, change the way that they work to fit the new circumstances, and to offer even more support to their local communities. We’re incredibly proud of their efforts.”

Our short film tells a small selection of stories from across our estate:

Throughout the pandemic, the Arch Company has offered targeted financial help, with 1,700 tenants receiving some form of rent support over the last year. As a result, we still have the same number of tenants as we did one year ago, helping to keep more than 25,000 people employed across our properties. Our focus remains on retaining and supporting as many tenants as possible, as well as encouraging new businesses to join our portfolio.

Thanks to the extra help available to them, and the incredible support of their local communities, the small businesses in our properties are surviving and thriving as they plan for reopening and a return to more normal life over the next few months.