The Arch Company secures injunction to remove trespassers from properties in Bethnal Green


In response to concerns expressed by our tenants, community representatives and residents, we have secured a three-year injunction to protect vacant properties on part of our estate from trespassers.

The injunction covers properties in the Bethnal Green area and gives us the power to serve notice and remove squatters on a same-day basis. This means we no longer need to make repeated court appearances to secure the removal of trespassers or squatters, or to end illegal raves that are conducted on a commercial basis within vacant properties.

We have written to tenants in the area covered by the injunction to advise them of the action that we are taking. Notices have also been positioned across our estate to inform the public that the injunction is in place.

Our tenants’ occupancy of their properties and ability to continue to operate their businesses is unaffected. The injunction is solely intended to deter and remove trespassers in a timely fashion.

If you are a tenant or local resident in Bethnal Green and you have concerns about trespassing or squatting, please report this to us on our hotline 0800 830 840 or via our online form on the Contact Us page.

BG Squatter Injunction Ext. Sealed Order and Notice 2022 05 13