As the UK’s largest small business landlord, we manage more than 5,000 properties across England and Wales. We are proud to be the landlord to such a diverse and vibrant community of small and medium-sized businesses.

We are committed to putting our tenants first, listening to your feedback and making our properties better places to work, build and run businesses. These commitments are the foundation of our Tenants’ Charter (which can be found on our website at which outlines the set of principles that we will adhere to in the long-term management of our properties. The Charter is underpinned by four principles:

  1. Being an accessible and responsible landlord
  2. Providing environments that helps our tenants’ businesses survive
  3. Working in partnership with you
  4. Creating a positive social and economic impact

These principles are the foundation of our promise to tenants that act in good faith and in accordance with standard tenant obligations. This Handbook sets out more detail about how we will work to meet our commitments to you and what we expect from you as our tenant.

Download the Tenant Handbook below.