Coronavirus Recovery Unit to help small businesses as they emerge from lockdown

We understand the impact COVID-19 has had on many businesses. The Arch Company remains committed to supporting customers who have suffered financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic, and who would otherwise continue to be viable businesses. We have already supported those most at risk with a £11m Hardship Fund, which paid for rent-free periods for over 1,500 of our most severely affected customers.

Our approach has always been to engage with our customers to agree tailored solutions to arrears that have accrued during the pandemic period, whether or not the arrears qualify as Ringfenced Debt. We continue to adhere to the Government Code of Practice which encourages engagement.

If you have not already done so, please get in contact with us now to discuss next steps.

You can contact us at and on 0203 880 0701, or you can make an application for time to pay through a payment plan via the webform below.

For more information on how the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill impacts you, click here.


Coronavirus Recovery Unit application form

For ALL applications, please use the form below.

  • Notes
    1. Tenant reference number can be found on your invoice (see below) fill out separate lines if you have more than one reference number
    2. Tenant company name can be found on your lease document – again, fill out separate lines if you have leases under more than one company name
    3. Enter one property address per line in the form should you have more than one property with us
    4. All fields are mandatory
Example invoice showing Tenant Ref Number